If you are sick and tired of battling to make money online in this brutal, constantly-changing online environment where websites, businesses and livelihoods run the risk of being obliterated overnight by search engine changes that are out of their control... then give me just 7 minutes of your time today, to reveal a proven solution to make money in the form of...

If you want to make a lot of money online, be financially independent and have a successful online business that makes you money day in, day out for as long as the internet exists, then this page could be the most important read of your life..

...because we are going to reveal a proven blueprint that makes us as much as $100,000 each month, is responsible for BILLIONS of dollars in online revenue each year, works consistently, and gets REAL financial results every time it is implemented correctly.

This is not a 'flash in the pan', short cut... or a loophole that'll suddenly be closed off... this is something that WORKS.

So if you are interested in finding out the details about how YOU can copy this blueprint, starting today, then read this page carefully but quickly.


Dear friend,

We have a MAJOR problem.

The "Rules" of how to successfully make money online seem to be changing ALL the time...

More than ever, something that works one day, often doesn't the next.

Strategies and techniques that have been effective for years are suddenly becoming obsolete overnight...

...and this has been something that we have seen in a BIG way in 2012.

Take Google's recent 'Penguin' update as a prime example...

If you know what 'Penguin' is, then I need not explain...

... if you don't, it was when Google made a massive alteration to their algorithm which led to thousands of websites being BRUTALLY canned ...and left countless webmasters and businesses reeling from shock at the wasted time, money, even years of work that they had spent trying to get their sites to rank.

It was an ATROCIOUS time that saw hordes of webmasters throw in the towel.

But it's not only Google of course...

Facebook also make many changes to the ways they allow people to market and advertise in their network.

...so do most of the other online juggernauts that people rely on for traffic, leads and revenue.

Of course, they are all perfectly entitled to make changes... that's just the way the ball rolls...

The problem is that...

....which effectively turns trying to earn a living online into a digital war zone - one that's difficult to win.

The battleground is a dangerous place to be....and doesn't matter how big you are either - anyone can get caught up in the crossfire.

However...when a huge shift like 'Penguin' occurs -- ones where thousands of websites and businesses are affected, there always seem to be a select few who come away unscathed with their revenue sources more or less in tact - (EVEN if they were directly affected by the shift themselves) 


Well surprisingly it's because they are ALL utilizing the same 'method' that many seem to ignore...

A 'method' that ALL smart internet businesses and online marketers use..

A 'method' that most large companies use to guarantee that they will always be able to drive massive traffic and revenue no matter what happens...

...to name but a few.

You see when I first discovered this "method"...this simple "secret" --  that was literally the turning point for me.

When I started to implement it, that was the moment when everything 'clicked'.... when the "internet dream" finally became reality.

Ok, the jump from ZERO to $11K/month was not instant I hasten to add...

...we're not talking about some "one-click to riches" software scam here where you push a button and money appears :)

Having said that is was pretty quick - the change was gradual but it happened within a couple of months.

So what exactly did I do?

What was it that I discovered?

Well, to explain.... we've got to go WAY back to 2005.

Like I said a moment ago, when I first started to implement this method, almost 7 years ago to the day, things REALLY started happening.

I had actually been TRYING to make money for the previous two years and spent well over $15,000 on ebooks, training and coaching - none of which did me any good.

...but this was the year when all this changed.

...and it truly was a fantastic feeling.

I went from being...

...with EMPTY Clickbank accounts.

to being...

...and having FULL Clickbank Accounts $$$

You see, at the time, the main project I was working on was selling an ebook about healthy eating that I had spent 3 months writing.

I can't tell you what the site or product was as I signed an NDA when I sold it on a couple of years later... but what I can say is that the website looked monstrously bad and the sales page for the product was once described to me as 'strangely distressing' :)

However, as bad as it was, the website did turn out to have one thing going for it...

It contained a small section, at the top right of each page, where visitors could enter their name and email address in order to receive a free report about how to lose weight.

...and people did just that... they happily entered their names and email addresses in order to get this report.

As a result, I started building an email list - not that I really realized what that meant at the time.

Anyway, a few more months went by to the point where I was making between $10 - $40 (ish) per day selling this ebook on Clickbank and promoting the site in general...and these types of numbers dragged on for a while.

Honestly, the site wasn't really going anywhere - and I was getting bored.

Then one day I bought (yet another) online course which showed me how to effectively mail and market to an email list.

Great!  -- I thought. I'll try this on the one I had built...Oddly the concept of sending email messages to these people had never actually occurred to me before.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I gave it a go.

I wrote a simple 10 line email promo selling a dieting product on the Clickbank marketplace and sent it out to the list (which, at the time, was around 1450 people)

Off went the email... and I didn't think anything else of it.

That's right -- $574 in commissions from the product I was promoting in the email I sent out the previous day.

I was shocked - Something had ACTUALLY worked...

...without really doing anything I had just made more money in 12 hours than I was making in an entire WEEK at my day job.

...all from sending ONE email that only took 5 minutes to write.

Obviously, this struck a chord, and soon after, I tried the same thing in another niche that I was working on...

The Result?

And that was to an email list of 6500 people I had built up via Google Adwords over the course of a couple of months.

From then - EVERYTHING changed. (...and soon enough my day job was confined to the history books)

So why am I telling you this story?

Well, push forward to 2012... and our email lists collectively generate anywhere between $20,000K and $100,000K in revenue every single month - depending on what we are doing. On some occasions, it can be more.

What does this mean to us? Well, other than having a good life :) ...it means that...

The point I am trying to make is this...

People who have lists of contactable people who are interested in a particular subject, niche or area of interest, have a MASSIVE advantage when it comes to earning revenue.

Not only do they have the ability to make more money than anyone else - (and make it at the drop of a hat, too...)

...if something goes wrong (ie. Google tanks their website), they will STILL be left with these contacts.

As a result...

You see, after the carnage that has happened over the past few months, it's clear that the online 'playground' is not a stable place to be...

Things can go 'pop' at any time.

Therefore, it is more imperative than EVER, and no matter what you are doing, (mobile, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, products and services etc) ...that you start implementing methods of building up lists of targeted contacts.

How? ...you ask?

Well, the good news is, that we have a PLAN ;)

But listen, I know what you are probably thinking.. "List Building?"...."Email Marketing"...that's kind of 'old school isn't it?.

"Been there, tried it --- seen it a million times before".. etc.

Hooooold up for a second there...

Let me make something perfectly clear.

What we are about to reveal is not really 'list building' or 'email marketing' as you know them.

Yes, obviously, they're involved in some form - but they are only one part of the engine...

There are a number of other crucial parts and they all need to be working together in order for the 'engine' to run.

But... putting together an engine ain't easy - especially if you've never done it before - so you'll obviously need some help...

And that's where we come in.

-- We're going to hand you a BLUEPRINT that will enable you to build your money making engine.


BlueprintPRO an ENTIRELY new way of doing things - it's a complete formula that you will NOT have seen before, and one which...

  Has made us over $5 million in revenue in the past 5 years.

  Has generated $40,000 in 30 days alone.

 Can be and should be implemented by every type of online business, new or established.

 ...and is something that is perfect for newbies and individuals too

This is about taking methods, fundamentals that have worked since the dawn of the internet..

...and COMBINING them with new technology, services and automated systems.

...Then turbo-charging the whole thing to rake in the cash.

But let me say it again... it's the combination that's KEY

...and what that combination is, will only be revealed on the 'inside'.

We are going to give you an easy to follow training program that will teach you the BlueprintPRO methods.

During this training, we're going to walk you through each and every step so you can effectively copy what we are doing and implement the system yourself.

This is an A - Z plan, that is PROVEN to work ...and which solves all of the above issues by building 'assets', collecting contacts and turning them into dollars.

It can be implemented as a business on its own, or use to increase the revenue of an existing business.

It makes the net a less risky and more profitable place to be and protects you from any 'changes' in the future.

So how's this going to happen?

Well, let's drill down into the details...



...Once you access BlueprintPRO, you will COMPLETE the following 12 Steps:


An Introduction... To begin, you will be given an introduction to the BlueprintPRO methods, what they are and how they work, along with details of the schedule and how best to use the material that you will be presented with.
The Opportunity... Then, we'll tell you why it is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to make money online and why it is SO essential to be implementing this system right NOW, not only if you are new to online marketing but also if you have an existing website or online business.
The Plan of Action... Next, we'll hand you the business plan which will explain in detail how to effectively map out the following 30 days so you'll know what actions you need to be taking, when you need to take them and how you are going to carry them out.
Project Creation... You'll then be given an A - Z guide on how to create your BlueprintPRO 'projects', including what you should be looking for in a project in order to maximize the chances of it making money - and how to set step-by-step goals to get it into profability.
The Software Kit... At the same time, we'll hand you the first part of the BlueprintPRO software toolkit that'll make it super-easy to identify potentially profitable projects. These software tools are like nothing else out there and will successfully identify amazing opportunities fast, and easily.
Asset Creation... Next, we'll get your assets built. First, you'll build your website using our unique selection of conversion orientated plug and play themes. Then you'll set up various other online properties with secret elements, the details of which will be revealed inside. These assets will convert traffic to contacts to dollars.
Conversion Content... Next you'll be given access to our 'content repository' which will provide you with top quality, continually updated content on a variety of high converting niches. You will use this content on your assets. This is not 'spun' crap... this is content that will MAXIMISE your chances of making money.
Priming The Pot... Once you have your assets ready to go online, we'll reveal our unique lead capture methods for both online and mobile as well as the conversion funnels that you'll put in place to turn those leads into cash. This is the 'secret sauce'. Get ready to be (literally) shocked.
Driving In The Dollars... When your lead and conversion funnels are set, we'll dive into monetization where we'll be giving away our secrets about how to find high end offers that will generate money. We have a special way of doing this, we have got it down to a tee and you'll be getting the full details.
Visitors For Free...  At this point we'll give you access to 3 additional software tools that will push free targeted traffic to your website and into your conversion funnel via the search engines, other online services and through mobile networks. These are highly effective methods that are working right NOW.
Instant Traffic Formula... This section reveals the exact formulas, techniques and tactics that'll deliver traffic, leads and income...almost instantly! These techniques have made us more money in a month than most people earn in a year at an average day job!
Mobile Magic... At this point, we'll be showing you our unique take on how to drive thousands of people through the Google Play store, on to your websites and other assets, into your funnels and then into cash using cheap little apps as a catalyst. This is very exciting and totally unique.

...and then: you rinse and repeat the whole process.

As you can see, this is thoroughly planned out and EXCEPTIONALLY step by step in its approach although we have only really touched on the bare details.

Basically by the end of the BlueprintPRO training you will have set up at least one BlueprintPRO project running with your assets and unique capture and conversion funnels in place, and if you follow our instant traffic formula, you'll hopefully be making sales.

This is a DIFFERENT approach to making money online. You will be creating assets (websites and other properties, both online and for mobile) combining a number of highly effective on-page lead capture elements with a selection of online services in a new and unique manner to generate revenue.
It is perfect system to get started with if you are a newbie, or if you want to enhance an existing business ...or if you are trying to get back on your feet again after being hit by 'Penguin' or 'Panda'.
You don't need a product as you can sell other people's products and services for commissions and get paid between $20 and $500 (or more) for each sale you make.
If you DO have a product you can sell it VERY effectively using these methods.
These methods can ALSO be used for eCommerce websites and in fact, we are going to show you how to do that WITHOUT even needing to find suppliers.

...and just to let you know, when you get through the doors today, you will get ALL sessions of the training immediately.

In other words, you can get started in less than 5 minutes from now.

However, all of the above if only the beginning.

In fact, we have only scratched the surface...

...because along with the full BlueprintPRO training course, you also get access to BlueprintPRO+

Believe me - this is GREAT news because...

BlueprintPRO+ is the net's top online marketing resource center which contains a huge base of additional tools and resources that you can use to enhance the results of the BlueprintPRO projects that you're going to start creating.Other people have paid as much as $4559 to access this exact same resource center and you will get instant access today.

But to the point -  how is BlueprintPRO+ going to help exactly?

We'll let me explain..

The BlueprintPRO+ members area contains software tools, internet marketing training, mobile marketing resources and more ...that have been designed specifically to work in harmony with the 'cash generating' systems that we're going to give you in the BlueprintPRO training.

Using them could magnify your chances of making money TEN FOLD.

Here Is An Overview Of What You'll Receive in The BlueprintPRO+ Members Area...






The Research Tool Suite...
You'll receive 3 custom-built pieces of research software that will enable you to...
Choose hot niches for your BlueprintPRO projects that you KNOW are going to be winners so you'll have the assurance that when you set up your website and assets then start sending traffic, the likelihood is you WILL be in the best possible position to start making money.
Use Google, eBay and Amazon to uncover a goldmine of untapped, obscure and profitable markets that are jam-packed with eager buyers who'll buy anything you sell.
Find high volume, lost cost PPC keywords or longer tail low-competition keywords which you can quickly rank for on Google. Our database contains over 3 million keywords!
Access vast sources of untapped traffic and identify opportunities that you can use to dominate a new market or boost the revenue of an existing online  business!!
Pin point available domain names that are already ranked and receiving traffic which you can then swipe for pennies on the dollar for instant, highly targeted visitors! We add between 500,000 and 1 million domains every 24 hours.
Use our 'Magic Keyword Tagging' feature that automatically generates high value "winning keywords" based on parameters that you set... but without you actually having to lift a finger.
Access the competition matrix which not only profiles the back links and authority of each of the websites currently ranking in the top 10 for a specific keyword, it also reveals their social signals too so you will know exactly what to do in order to outrank them.
Generate random eCommerce markets where people are successfully selling physical products online and get multiple sets of related keywords and average product prices so you can get a good idea of whether a market is worth digging into or not.
Track your websites rankings and uncover where you are positioned for the keywords that you specify. It also tells you whether your rankings have gone up or down, notifies you about additional social signals that have happened at your site and updates all this automatically every day.
  This is about 1/50 of the full capabilities of what our research tools can do. All the details are inside.





The Traffic Tool Suite...
The BlueprintPRO+ contains six unique traffic-getting software tools that will enable you to...
Generate high quality back links on PR3 - PR5 blogs allowing you to dominate Google fast and make more money from your BlueprintPRO projects with hardly any work !!
Take advantage of some of the biggest networks on the planet such as Microsoft AdCenter, Amazon and Facebook to drive hoards of targeted traffic and sales in record breaking time.
Creates multiple variations of an article, then post each version to our private network of high PR websites with a valuable backlink on each. (Again, meaning more Google traffic)
Access our 'Link Box' - which provides you with a list of high authority websites related to your BlueprintPRO projects where you can go and grab highly valuable back links.
Place non-Reciprocal backlinks on relevant and high PR websites that other people own where you control the anchor text. Ready for some Google love??
Enhance your ad placement campaigns using our 'Blueprint Browser' tool which we designed to help you quickly and easily develop highly targeted placement campaigns on the Google content network..
Identify which keyword phrases are being searched for the most in both the App marketplaces for certain niches but which also have fewest number of apps available to satisfy the needs of the searchers'. (If there are any apps at all!) You then create simple apps to satisfy the demand, upload them to the app store and use them to get 'eyes' on your BlueprintPRO 'projects' domain name.
Use our Press Release service to blast details about your Blueprint PRO projects to hundreds of news sites including Google News and Yahoo News. As a result of using this software you will be able to increase the traffic to your BlueprintPRO assets and generate more sales and leads and gets tons of exposure.



The Training Database & Monthly Updates...
Over four years of training content and monthly updates!
Get instant access to a full database of content that we have spent years putting together. This content contains all the tips, tricks, and strategies that allow us to make more money each month than we used to make in a FULL year at our previous jobs! Listing everything here would be impossible here as there is so much of it.
You'll get Full Blown additional courses such as Commission Blueprint 2.0... a complete arsenal of PROVEN affiliate formulas we used to generate as much as $51,141 in 24 hours without spending a dime on paid advertising! (over 50 videos and 30 manuals).And SEM Business Blueprint... a previously confidential blueprint revealing the Unconventional online business that made us a SIX-FIGURE income from just 10 "sales"! (over 20 videos and 15 manuals.)
Then you'll get no less that SEVEN Business in a boxes which contain products, promotional material and other. The possibilities are endless. You can upload it to Clickbank (or another processor) and sell it as your own product.  You could give the content away to increase the size of your list for your BlueprintPRO sites.... Maybe give the content to an existing list to build up trust and maximise future promotions
Plus we'll be sending you our monthly SEO newsletter too which will reveal our latest research and findings that will help you stay one step ahead of the competition and allow you to get higher search engine rankings, more traffic and more revenue.


You will get complete no-holds barred access to the BlueprintPRO+ members area and using all this extra material will sky-rocket the income of your BlueprintPRO projects.

So, the question you'll probably asking right now is what is the cost of this BlueprintPRO package?

Blueprint PRO is just $67/month -- incredible value, especially when you consider that...

We are going to show you a formula that works, and you'll be walking away with something that we have used to make millions of dollars using over the past few years...
You're going to create bullet proof protection from any future algorithm changes that Google makes.
You'll be developing a major asset that you could sell on.
If you are a newbie, you'll get everything you need to succeed. Nothing is left out.
You will will have full support from us, both in the support area, and in the forum.  In fact, we now have over 40,000 forum members getting advice from us and helping each other to success on a daily basis. Check out how many posts Steve has made... (we are there EVERY day)
...and of course, as we have just mentioned, you will ALSO get access to the BlueprintPRO+ membership area with all the additional tools and resources that you can use to get results FASTER.

It's also worth saying again that you'll be getting new tools, software, training, webinars as well as updates about the latest opportunities to generate income online.

We update EVERY single month.

Ok, just before you take the next step...


If you are really serious, determined and in this for the long term, you may want to consider getting Blueprint PLATINUM status.

Blueprint Platinum memberships are for the go-getters... for the REALLY serious folk out there who know what they want and are absolutely determined to try and forge a SUPER profitable business online - or add another bow to, or increase the profits of an existing business.

Let me quickly explain...

Blueprint PLATINUM contains the same features as what I have just described above. It contains everything that we have talked about so far.

The BlueprintPRO training program, as well as access to BlueprintPRO+ membership area.

But.. there are two HUGE differences...

Firstly, Blueprint PLATINUM members are eligible for a annual license of all the BlueprintPRO material at a VASTLY reduced rate. (An instant saving of $157)

Secondly, Blueprint PLATINUM members also receive these amazing additions worth $4742:


BONUS 1 - Domains on Fire - Resell Rights. Value: $2000 +
We have just added this bonus, which in the right hands will be unbelievably powerful and something that you can use to create killer BlueprintPRO that stand the maximum chance of making money.

We are going to give you the resell rights to our amazing software called 'Domains on Fire', one of the TOP domain tools on the market and something that you will now be able to sell as your own.

Domains On Fire has a multitude of uses but the four main selling points are that you can:

Uncover recently expired (or about to expire) domain names that rank (or ranked) in the top 10 of Google which you can then register, re-rank and make money from.
Find domain names that are ranked in the top 10 of Google for certain keywords with high traffic and commercial intent that you can then snap up for a bargain at auction.
Discover domains which have high Google 'PageRank' that you can snap up and use for link juice.
Pinpoint high value domain names that have recently expired that you can register yourself and sell on for a profit.

You see, one of the worst things about selling software is the need to make updates, fix bugs as well as the cost and complexity of the design, data feeds, data scraping and hosting.

And that's not even looking at the amount of money it would take to write the software from the ground up. ('Domains on Fire' would probably cost at least $30,000 to develop, if you were to outsource it)

The good news is that we are going to deal with ALL this for you.

We will host the software, run the data feeds, make software updates...(in other words, all the difficult and boring stuff)

and you just concentrate on the FUN stuff - using it to build your business and make money!

We'll even give you a sales video (which wont mention us), a website template, then you just set it up and either sell it... OR even give it away to build a list.

That's right, you could GIVE IT AWAY to build a list using the material that you'll get in the 4 week BlueprintPRO course

Again, I cannot articulate what an amazing opportunity this is.

I'm telling ya'... if I had this in my hands when I first started trying to make money online, those two years I spent trying to make my first dollar, would probably never have happened.

Remember, you must have Blueprint PLATINUM 'status' to be eligible for this bonus.

BONUS 2 - Mobile Marketing Module & Platform. Value: $1650+
After the main BlueprintPRO 4 week training course is complete, Blueprint PLATINUM members will then receive access to a 'bonus' module on Mobile Marketing.

You can use this to further increase the profits of your BlueprintPRO projects. You'll be getting...

A complete mobile business in a box
The mobile reseller platform to sell to your local business clients - (At LEAST a $400 per month value)
Live webinar training on how to build a small mobile consulting business that could VERY easily bring in $1000's per month. (On top of your BlueprintPRO projects.

You will receive a total mobile marketing platform which you can use to...

Build mobile web sites for local businesses quickly and easily (literally in minutes)... then charge them a monthly fee for the usage. You can also build mobile sites for your own projects.
Sell access to a mobile marketing platform that allows local businesses to get people on their "list" and then market to them with text messages, mobile coupons, loyalty programs and text message contests.
Brand a white labelled control panel that you could provide to your own clients so they could run campaigns like "text pizza to 12345 to get 10% off your next order" and generate QR codes for themselves.
Sell mobile marketing packages to your own customers and leads and make money on monthly fees and from text messages that are sent out.
Plus, like I said a moment ago, you can use all of this technology and training to use on your BlueprintPRO websites and other online assets.
BONUS 3 - Premium Graphics Pack. Value: $500

One of the biggest things that always comes up when ever you have a new project are website graphics.

And graphics fees can add up, whether you hire a designer or buy pre-made graphics and templates... $10 here for a web button, $40 there for a web banner and more complicated graphics can cost much more.

So to save you both time and money, we have put together this premium graphics pack for PLATINUM members consisting of 3 separate graphics packages and 225 different graphics elements all together.

Here are the 3 graphics packs you are going to get...

Web Banner Templates - for creating promo banners. They each have a simple and clean design that can be used for any market. Just add your own text (and maybe an image) and you have a great looking banner in minutes. These templates come in several different sizes and colors.

Web Sliders. These are templates for creating web sliders for your BlueprintPRO projects. They also have a very clean and modern design, and look super-slick.

Web Elements. This section contains all kinds of different graphics like stars, ribbons, buttons, stickers, tooltips, etc.. These are all the little "web elements" that add that extra touch to any design.

Use these graphics in your BlueprintPRO projects to enhance the look of your websites and assets and to help boost conversions..

BONUS 4 - Extra Themes For Your Projects. Value: $497
With the BlueprintPRO training program, you will receive 3 themes to use in your projects.

If you have Blueprint PLATINUM status, you'll receive 6 additional themes.

This means that you will be able to have extra ammunition and more options than anyone else.

Like I said previously, little technical knowledge is needed for these sites, they are mobile friendly and are primed with a number of different elements in order for you be able to capture leads and turn those leads into money.




To sum it up, Blueprint PLATINUM status entitles you to:

The BlueprintPRO 4-week training course (value $197)

12 months access to BlueprintPRO+  (usually $804 - although in the past people have paid MUCH more)

The 4 amazing bonuses (worth $4742)

...So the total value of the content you will get access to is $5743.

However if you secure a Blueprint PLATINUM membership today, you will pay only $647

No recurring billing - ever.

We'll contact you in 12 months time to see whether you want to renew your membership.

There will be no upgrade option once inside. This is your only chance.

In addition, and for total piece of mind, we also have a 60 day money back guarantee policy and if you are not happy, we don't want your money. We will return it - no questions asked.

To put it bluntly, we are willing to shoulder all the risk while you FREELY test-drive the system and make non-stop checks in the process.

Listen, it's your decision... whether it's you or someone else who "gets in" won't directly affect us.

...The smart people will take this opportunity and have direct access to our knowledge and everyone else will be left in the dark... trailing in their wake.

So it's decision time... But first, please watch this VERY important video from Steve. Click the play button below...

This text will be replaced

Please Choose An Option Below...




BlueprintPRO & BlueprintPRO+


Access to the 12-Step BlueprintPRO training program and software package.
30 days access to the BlueprintPRO+ members content and software packages.
Use of our Members forum and support center


$67 today, then $67/month thereafter for continued access to BlueprintPRO+. You can cancel at any time.




BlueprintPRO & BlueprintPRO+

& Blueprint PLATINUM


Access to the 12-Step BlueprintPRO training program and software package.
12 months access to the BlueprintPRO+ members content and software packages.
Monthly updates with new training, software, webinars and opportunities.
The Platinum Bonuses including the Domains On Fire Resell Rights and the Mobile Module and Mobile platform.
Use of our Members forum and support center


$647 (one time payment)

"I first came across Steve and Tim's Blueprint systems a few years back when I was working in an industry that was struggling due to the global economic problems. After I lost all funding for my projects, I decided to return to University and complete my studies that I had put on hold to work. Over the next two years I watched every video, bought every product and tried to digest everything Steve and Tim put out there. I took what was valuable to me, which was mostly everything, and am extraordinarily proud to say that Friday August 31 was my last day of work. Now I am "retired at 30" or to put it another way, I work for myself, on my terms. Yes it is daunting, but I would rather be in charge of how my financial fortunes play out rather than leave that to a couple of faceless bosses I have never met.

Working alongside Steve has accelerated my learning tenfold and I believe that my own techniques I have developed because of his, and the Blueprint team's guidance, have put me in an excellent position to navigate the rough seas of the IM world, and adapt to the changes that are bound to come at me. Thanks a million Steve + Tim.
 Shaun Ryan
"I've been closely following Tim & Steve since 2008. Since then, they've proven over and over again to be at the cutting edge of internet marketing. Not only that, but the courses, content and tools they've produced are incredibly applicable and more importantly,actually get results. Tim & Steve products get my highest recommendation based on the results I've seen in my own business. If you're serious about having success with internet marketing, you won't want to miss out on anything they release."  Aidan Booth

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the other side.


Tim Godfrey & Steven Clayton



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